Fraud & White Collar Crime

Gray & Cooper Group is a leading firm in defending clients facing allegations of fraud, financial and business crime. Our highly experienced team has a strong track record in successfully representing clients in some of the largest and most difficult financial crime cases. We are ranked in both Legal 500 (as a First Tier Firm) and Chambers and Partners.

Our cases have included large scale international frauds spanning a number of jurisdictions and serious frauds investigations and prosecutions. We defend in investigations and prosecutions by the Serious Fraud Office, the Financial Conduct Authority, National Crime Agency, HM Revenue & Customs, regional police fraud squads, private prosecutors. Our skills and experience easily match specialist investigatory bodies.

We have a vast experience of jury trials from which to draw and which we use to identify the evidence and arguments that will really matter. We have the expertise to advise  on prosecutions for conspiracy to defraud and offenses under the Fraud Act 2006, including allegations involving breach of trust and fiduciary duty,  mortgage fraud, fraud by false representation, theft, identity fraud, credit card fraud, boiler room fraud, tax fraud and false accounting. 

For every client we represent, we bring to bear our renowned forensic skills in analysing the prosecution case, and our fierce commitment to our clients’ interests and rights in presenting their defense. 

We are experienced at managing and advising on the media publicity these cases may attract, and which, we know, can be one of the most distressing aspects of being prosecuted. We have in-house expertise on these matters that we can call on if needed.

Of course, we also act in cases where there is no publicity, but where the issues and potential consequences for our clients are equally serious, and in all our cases we are aware of the personal strain that can be involved.

Gray & Cooper Group advises individuals involved in investigations and prosecutions by organisations including the SFO, FCA, Office of Fair Trading, HMRC and Police Specialist Fraud case teams. Clients include lawyers, accountants and journalists. The firm acts in privately and publicly funded cases as well as cases funded by third parties, such as employers and insurance companies. Areas of expertise include fraud and international bribery and corruption.

Legal 500

Our defense lawyers represent clients throughout the entire criminal process, beginning at the initial interview under caution. 

Interviews can be used by investigators and prosecutors to develop lines of enquiry and consider whether to charge a person with any offense, and will also be produced in court as part of any prosecution. Therefore it is vital to get early advice before interview to ensure the best possible approach is taken. Our defence lawyers will obtain pre-interview disclosure from the investigators so you can understand the likely focus of the interview and they will advise you about your options in interview and can attend the interview with you to advise you.  

Our lawyers also advise people facing internal investigations by their employer into allegations of dishonest conduct at work, including theft and misuse of confidential commercial information and in cases where there are parallel regulatory proceedings.

We understand that being the subject of an intrusive criminal investigation, often coupled with debilitating financial restraint and parallel internal investigations and regulatory proceedings, can be a tremendous strain. In defending our clients we do not lose sight of this. We do everything we can to minimise the impact of any investigation and to protect the privacy of our clients.

Wherever possible we strive to:

  • negotiate voluntary attendance for interviews as an alternative to arrest, or in arrest cases promote our clients rights to bail
  • seek disclosure and adequate time and facilities to prepare for interview
  • provide clear advice about whether or not to answer questions in interview and intervene to prevent unfair or oppressive lines of questioning.
  • examine the terms of search warrants issued and property seized and advise on grounds for challenging the seizures or restricting access of investigators to confidential or privileged information
  • in restraint cases advise on compliance with information requirements and assist with variation of the terms or applications to discharge
  • we can advise how to respond to media coverage and our media and information department can also give specialist advice in this area

If criminal charges follow, our style of defending, for which we have built a reputation over many years, involves calm analysis of the evidence and applicable law, intelligible advice and fearless promotion of our clients’ rights and interests. We work very closely with our clients to understand their case and wishes so that we can build the best possible defense.

Often our work on cases of fraud, financial or business crime includes examining huge volumes of evidence. We are adept at sifting out the material of value for the defense and do not lose sight of strategic objectives. We also look outside of the materials provided by the prosecution to find the best evidence. We have access to a wide choice of the best external barristers and independent accounting and computer experts who can add real value to the defense. Where necessary, we adopt a multi-jurisdictional approach using our links with lawyers in other countries.

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