Extortion & Blackmail

Our award-winning team has successfully resolved distressing extortion attempts for our clients

There can be few things more distressing than finding yourselves the victim of a blackmail or extortion attempt. Often these threats will hail from an unknown source. The subject matter of the blackmail will concern extremely sensitive personal or business information.

Recognising that our clients are often reluctant to turn to the authorities immediately we would advise anyone in this situation to seek early legal advice.

Having previously assisted in identifying who is responsible for making certain demands we can provide sensible and pragmatic advice on steps that can be taken to neutralise these threats. Working in conjunction with private investigators and reputation management consultants we have in the past managed to quickly secure a resolution without the necessity of police intervention or criminal proceedings.

Our award winning criminal defence team can also advise individuals accused of making demands with menaces amounting to blackmail or extortion who face police investigation or criminal charges.

If you need assistance concerning threats of blackmail or extortion please contact our offices.

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